Hemi-Sync Binaural Beat Brainwave Technology CD: A Unicorn Named Georgia

Hemi-Sync Binaural Beat Brainwave Technology CD: A Unicorn Named Georgia

Product Description

Hemi-Sync® (in a very brief nutshell) is a scientifically based and clinically proven "audio-guidance" technology that uses sound to influence brain wave activity. This patented and highly sophisticated technology is backed by over 40 years of research. The audio-guidance process works through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. Different Hemi-Sync® signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention, creativity, illumination, intuition, sharpened intelluct, or other desired states. As an analogy, lasers produce focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance. Hemi-Sync CD specifically designed for children: A UNICORN NAMED GEORGIA Long ago and far away, in the land where magic and fairy tales begin, lived a very special unicorn named Georgia. As the only unicorn to be born with a golden horn, Georgia yearned to be like her friends, who often made fun of her, until one day her shiny golden horn saved the day. Track 1 features Georgia''s magical bedtime story voiced by the author, Morgan MacKenzie-Perkins, along with Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies to gently guide your child into a deep and restful sleep. Track 2 features the soothing sounds of ocean surf (pink noise) with Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies. (Mind Food® - Length: 60 minutes)


  • Audio-guided Hemi-Sync brainwave binaural beat technology for children
  • A magical bedtime story about a very special unicorn to help enhance and promote your child''s imagination and sleep patterns
  • Creates a feeling of love, safety, and security for better sleep
  • 60 minutes
  • Hemi-Sync is backed by over 40 years of reseach in proven effectiveness and brain enhancement on a wide variety of stimulating levels

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