Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments, are an assessment tool or questionnaire scientifically designed to identify health risks and outline information to assist individuals in making healthful changes that impact their health and prevent chronic condition.

Health Risk Assessments have four standard elements in worksite settings -

• A Questionnaire

• A Computerized Program to Evaluate Health Risk

• Confidential Individual Reports

• Group Summary Report

Individuals complete a lifestyle questionnaire that includes for example nutrition practices, height and weight, exercise habits, family history, stress perceptions, tobacco use history, and work satisfaction.

Another important feature to consider is readiness to change questions to determine participation interest. Including biometric screenings like cholesterol and blood pressure (BP) leads tocreases the advantages of an Health Risk Assessment by providing a more valid health assessment and hence bettering lifestyle option decisions and program choices.

However, it’s important to determine when the Health Risk Assessment may be used without including this information.

The questionnaire information is entered into a computer program and an individual confidential report is generated that summarizes health risks as well as information on how to lower risk factors.

Individual reports are completely confidential. Depending on the reason for beginning the Health Risk Assessment, it’s important to consider the kind of report the company will receive as well.

A group report summarizing major risk factors and recommendations for programs to implement for reduce employee and company risks provides valuable information for your wellness program.

The Health Risk Assessments / Health Risk Appraisals can be used to -

• Bring awareness to individual employee’s health status

• Motivate staff members to make healthier lifestyle changes

• Coach high-risk employees

• Plan wellness programs based on the identified needs

• Evaluate program success by comparing Health Risk Assessments / Health Risk Appraisals completed at set intervals such as each year.

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